Judy Sherwood, LLC 

Alternative Dispute Resolution 
Qualified Neutral, Minnesota Supreme Court Rule 114

JUDY SHERWOOD is dedicated to working with families, individuals, and couples to reduce conflict, enhance communications, and develop healthy coping and problem solving skills.

Offering the following services

Family Mediation A confidential, client-centered process for families, parents, couples:  parenting issues, relationship dissolution, solution focused conflict resolution.

Child Inclusive Mediation A confidential, structured process for including the children's voices in the mediation process.  


Parent Coaching A facilitative process for clients to use before, during and after dissolution; for married, unmarried parents, grandparents, single, adoptive... all parents, all parenting topics.

Parenting Consulting An alternative dispute resolution process (mediation/arbitration model) intended to assist parents with decision making about child and parenting-related matters.

Custody Evaluation and Parenting Time Evaluation Court appointed custody and parenting time evaluations, parenting recommendations; comprehensive evaluations or brief focused assessments.

Social Early Neutral Evaluations(SENE) Social Early Neutral Evaluations provide information and feedback to assist parents and their attorneys reach settlement for custody and parenting time issues, keeping parents in decision making roles regarding their children.  


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